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Industry News

7 December 2016

Siberia sky lit up by meteor

People in west Siberia have captured footage of what is believed to be a small meteorite.

7 December 2016

Jumping robot inspired by bush babies

Scientists in the US have unveiled an athletic robot which takes its inspiration from bush babies.

7 December 2016

Numbers game

For a second day, Paris is cutting car numbers according to odd or even licence plates. Do such sche. […]

7 December 2016

'Keep poultry inside' amid bird flu risk, keepers told

Poultry keepers have been told to keep their birds inside to protect them from avian flu in Europe.

7 December 2016

First photos from Cassini Saturn probe's new orbit

The Cassini spacecraft has sent back the first views from its new orbit around Saturn.


15 May 2014

New Video – Precise Over-Spotting on Preddator

A new video has been added to the …

12 May 2014

Great Review of Preddator by Dundee University

We’re frequently told by our users how impressed …

16 December 2013

SLAS2014 – See the Preddator Low Volume Liquid Dispenser in Action

SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation & Screening) are …