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Industry News

26 April 2018

Space agencies intent on mission to deliver Mars rocks to Earth

Nasa and Esa sign a letter of intent that could lead to the first "round trip" to the Red Planet.

26 April 2018

'Guns, germs and trees' determine gorilla's fate

The largest ever survey of western lowland gorillas shows most are living in unprotected areas.

26 April 2018

Seventh EU Sentinel goes into orbit

Europe's latest Earth observation satellite will focus on the behaviour and health of oceans.

25 April 2018

The robot helping to deliver water in rural India

The customised robot is part of a study looking at how technology can help those in rural areas.

25 April 2018

Companies sign up to pledge to cut plastic pollution

More than 40 firms including Coca-Cola have promised to reduce harmful packaging.


15 May 2014

New Video – Precise Over-Spotting on Preddator

A new video has been added to the …

12 May 2014

Great Review of Preddator by Dundee University

We’re frequently told by our users how impressed …

16 December 2013

SLAS2014 – See the Preddator Low Volume Liquid Dispenser in Action

SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation & Screening) are …