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Industry News

22 May 2018

Environment Agency warns of serious water deficits for England

"Unsustainable" levels of extraction plus climate change could see water supply deficits across Engl. […]

22 May 2018

How to speak volcano like a pro

Making sense of terms like vog, laze and pahoehoe with the help of volcanologist Evgenia Ilyinskaya.

22 May 2018

What are the shrieking lynx actually doing?

A pair of Canada lynx have been caught on camera "screaming" at each other.

22 May 2018

Grace mission launches to weigh Earth's water

The joint US-German Grace satellites go into orbit to monitor Earth's most important resource.

22 May 2018

'Rare' birth of live reindeer twins in Cairngorms

Previously twins born in the herd in the Cairngorms have been stillborn or died shortly after birth.


15 May 2014

New Video – Precise Over-Spotting on Preddator

A new video has been added to the …

12 May 2014

Great Review of Preddator by Dundee University

We’re frequently told by our users how impressed …

16 December 2013

SLAS2014 – See the Preddator Low Volume Liquid Dispenser in Action

SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation & Screening) are …